Nis Engineering, was founded in 2006 in Ankara in order to provide engineering and consultancy services to public and private institutions.

Our company has been providing economic, quality and applicable engineering and consultancy services in fields of transportation systems, infrastructure systems, coastal structures and hydraulic structures both home and abroad with its innovative, youthful and dynamic staff since the day it was founded.

Our biggest principle is to provide quality and reliable service on time in all projects within the shortest time possible without compromising quality, also taking into consideration the public interest, with good planning and management within the frame of human and environment oriented occupational discipline and ethics.

Nis Engineering has made a name for itself by providing reliable and economic engineering solutions in the works it undertakes.Our company, having brought in many firsts in national and international projects since its foundation, is continuing to develop its engineering concept towards future on a daily basis.

Nis Engineering has accomplished many projects in fields such as bridges, hydraulic structures, commercial and touristic ports, LNG-LPG terminals, container terminals, marinas, project management and consultancy.
As we continue to add value to the industry with projects we implemented all over Turkey and consultancy services we provide, we also continue to consider occupational precision required by engineering ethics.
Our main principle and primary goal has always been to provide quality projects to our customers with the experience and knowledge we gained through the works we completed and with our staff talented and inquisitive in their field.Our company which is growing and developing in the light of the trust-based relationship we established is going to continue to offer services to you today and in the future.


Since our country is a peninsula surrounded by sea at three sides, maritime has always been important for us throughout generations both in material and non-material sense.With the increase in interest in maritime over time, a need for various coastal and marine structures was born.

Our company also provides services in breakwater design which is one of the most important coastal protection structures.We produce national and international projects in fields of pile breakwater and floating breakwater designs as well as rubble-mound breakwater design which is widely used both in our country and abroad.

Our company has its signature on many pile-type and floating piers and docks within the projects of touristic purpose marinas and fishing ports we accomplished.
The fields which we produce projects for include oil terminals, dry cargo ports, container ports and ferry docks which we design within the scope of commercial ports.
In addition to new projects we produce in our country, we provide services to many companies in field of existing structure investigations. In this regard, our company provides site survey and consultancy.


Substantial investments in field of transportation have been made in every part of our country recently and these investments are expected to increase in the future too.In this sense, our company provides diligent services with its youthful and dynamic staff in order to meet needs of transportation industry.
In order to enable variety in art structures needed by the industry; many specialty bridge types such as ferroconcrete arch bridges, prestress precast girder bridges and steel bridges can be designed by our company.
Within the scope of art structures, retaining structures, headwalls, underpasses and foot overpasses can also be designed by our company in addition to bridge projects as a part of transportation solutions.
New projects we produce all over the country and of bridges already existing in the highways network is subjected to static state investigations under the heavy loads to be transported through them and these are submitted for approval to relevant organizations and institutions.
Nis Engineering, with the purpose of taking part in our country’s fast-developing transportation network provides reliable services in the industry
with its projects of roads, intersections and art structures for many public and private industry organizations.


Settlements in our country usually center around mouths of streams. As a result of deformation of protective covering along the slopes of upper basins of streams with the purpose of turning the area into farming areas to meet increased needs, erosion increases and stream beds are filled with sediments, which inevitably cause floods over the settlements nearby.

Our company performs planning and project designing works in fields of flood protection and stream remediation as well.These works include designing of flood control structures such as banks, dikes, flood detention dams as well as projects for tree-planting, pasturing and terracing works in order to prevent erosion.